Maricolous (muh 'rick uh luss...inhabiting the sea) is a line of home effects and wearable textiles that explores the alchemy of dyeing and the poetry of the loom. Each piece honors philosopher/archetypal psychologist Joseph Hillman’s claim that color is “phenomenal actuality.” 

Using fiber reactive dyes, acid dyes, and natural dyes from extracts and from botanicals foraged near home, I practice various traditional resist techniques used in Africa, India, and Japan. I favor natural fibers- cotton, linen, wool and silk- and I weave on a 36″ Schacht Might Wolf floor loom.

The chemistry of salt water, our own pH, the suction of a wave: the antihierarchy that nature presents is addressed by human perception through our endless, often abstract, narratives. By orchestrating the emotion of color and the rational geometry of quilts, I work with striking visual abstractions to materialize such narratives.

They say never turn your back on the ocean, but since I moved farther inland and began playing with textiles I find myself splashing in buckets of water more often than in the Pacific. Maricolous is named for days lived in the sea, and surf sacrificed in pursuit of understanding fiber processes. Each piece is made one by one, with a Slow Fiber approach. I am not interested in production for consumption, but creation for enrichment: of my life as the maker and yours, the viewer/wearer/caretaker.

- Ashley

photograph copyright Kendrick Brinson